American Imperialism
By Ally Shuell Mr.Gadbow US History P.6
Definition of Imperialism: an action that a country takes over another country through diplomacy or military force for resources. The opressing country most often commit atrocities and argue that they are helping the other country.

An example of Imperialism:

  America didn't like the Spanish because they had many islands that America wanted. So when there was even probablility that the Spanish attacked them, America jumped on it as fast as they could. America took over the Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines. In the Philppines, the America didn't free the Filipinos so to keep control of the Philippines, American troop fired the first shot of the Phillippine-American War on Febuary, 4,5 1899 (The timeline of United States in the Philipines). While America took control of the Filipinos, many soldiers say that they were only following orders and that they were getting revenge. When really, they just thought the Filipinos as less than human. An American soldier said to the Kansas City Journal, "[The Filipinos] have a certain number of educated leaders - educated, however, about the same way a parrot is. They are, as a rule, an illiterate, semi-savage people who are waging war not against tyranny, but against Anglo-Saxon order and decency...." (Kansas City Journal). This shows that soldiers thought that Filipinos were less than human, uneducated, illiterate and savages. Savage means someone that is not in control and dirty. The soldiers thought that they were above the Filipinos when they say that they are Anglo-Saxon and they hav order and decency. They think they can make the Filipines clean and in control. They think that the Filipinos have no right in this world.
Judge 1899